Public consultation on oil auction is postponed

A Pre-Sal Petróleo S.A. (PPSA), the Union's representative in the oil contracts discovered in the Brazilian pre-salt, postponed for 15 days the public consultation period of the announcement of the first oil auction of the Union, scheduled to be held on the São Paulo stock exchange, B3.

Previously, the deadline for consultation on the company's website was until April 27 and the auction would take place on May 16. A new schedule will be released in the next few days, according to PPSA's advice.

"We are seeing a great interest of the companies in participating in the auction and we are happy to fulfill the requests to broaden the public consultation, which may represent greater participation in the auction. This modality has the advantage of promoting competition, efficiently and transparently, in order to maximize economic results for the Union. We are ready to improve the edict with the contributions received, "explained Ibsen Flores, president of PPSA.

Contracts may be purchased by a single buyer or by different companies. The winner will acquire all the production of the respective field during a year, remunerating the Union with each withdrawal of load, according to the proposal of prices offered in the auction, based on the Price of Reference of the Petroleum (PRP), determined monthly by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

According to Flores's estimate for the Broadcast (real-time news service of Grupo Estado) earlier this month, the auction is expected to raise between R $ 400 million and R $ 500 million, which will go towards health and education. Source: This IS

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