Public consultation of contributions to attract investments are extended

The ANP (national Agency of petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels) extended for 30 days two public contributions of contribution aimed at stimulating the attraction of investments for the fuel sector of Brazil. The extension was granted at the market Request.

The outlets are the verticalization of the fuel distribution chain and the regulatory guardianship of fidelity to the Flag. Both consider the contributions of the Cade (administrative Council for Economic defense), which include, among other topics, the assessment of the verticalization of the retail fuel sector, the possibility of ethanol producers selling directly to the posts and the Permission to import fuel from Distributors.

On the taking of verticalization, the ANP studies to prohibit that in current contracts, carriers of the fuel by pipeline have a company vehicle with the client of the structure, being able to be both the distributor and the Producer. The purpose of the ANP is to make the carrier independent and attract new investors, emancipating the Petrobras sector.

As regards fidelity to the flag, the agency studies the end of regulatory tutelage, using as reference the international experience in which only additive fuels receive the protection of the brand, because the others are commodities, among other tariffs.

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