Account-oil has first surplus in 2016

The Ministry of industry, Trade and services reported that conta-petróleo, which records the Brazilian exports and imports of oil and oil products, is surplus at $416 million, sum for the period from January through November 2016. This is the first time in the history of the account in which she's annual surplus.

In November, there was a positive balance of $531 million. This is the fourth consecutive monthly surplus, plus other two months. In addition, the positive balance YTD is unpublished if thrown a surplus in January, in which the result is equivalent to the monthly accumulated. Abram Neto, Secretary of foreign trade, explained that the movement came about due to domestic crisis, high exports and international oil prices.

Second Grandson "there's significant drop in the price of oil. The Brazil is a net importer, which makes it even more impact imports[que registraram queda de 52,8% em novembro e de 42,4% de janeiro a novembro, na comparação com 2015]. It is important to highlight the increase in Brazilian exports and the fall in internal demand, "he said.

Data from the Ministry show that exports of oil and oil products increased by 53% in November over the same month of 2015.


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