Local content can be expanded in oil fields

A bill that hardens the local content rules applied in the oil fields will be voted in urgent procedure next week by the House of Deputies. The proposal, negotiated during Repetro's voting, special taxation regime that desonera taxes for the oil and gas chain, will be fixing the minimum percentage of national products and services that should be in the ventures.

The text was negotiated after requests from the Brazilian Association of Machinery and equipment industry (ABIMAQ) and the Instituto Steel Brasil, which claimed that current local content rules today hinder the national industry.

Local content is required by law, but have no percentages fixed. For the next auctions, next year, the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE), the federal government's organ, has defined that the expected percentages will be: 25% for well construction; 40% for the collection and disposal system and 25% for the oil rig.


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