Cooperative will build the largest solar power plant in the ES

The Cooperative Agropecuaria Centro Serrana (Coopeavi), reported during the event panel cooperate 2019, on the construction of the largest solar power plant in Espírito Santo. The facility is being built in the city of Ibiraçu, and will share the energy produced among the cooperates (the production capacity is valued at 140,000 kilo-watts per month).

According to Heriberto Simões, manager of communication and Marketing at Coopeavi, the project began in December last year and has the inauguration scheduled for August 9th of this year. "This is a pilot project, where part of the energy will be used to supply the cooperative and the other party will be available to the cooperates. They will be able to buy plant fractions proportional to the consumption they would have of the power distributor, "he said.

The cooperates will be able to obtain quotas from the plant through the cooperative services cycles, Sicoob (System of credit Unions of Brazil), so they can use the energy in their homes, and thus will only pay for the energy they consume (beyond what is The production plant).

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