Coronavirus may delay platform delivery

Petrobras may no longer receive up to US$ 10 million per day due to the coronavirus crisis. Experts say this loss would be caused by delays in platform delivery, as the state has ordered seven vessels from Shipyards in Asia, mainly in China, Singapore and South Korea, the three countries most affected by the epidemic so far. 

The company's press office said that "existing information so far about the impacts of coronavirus on the world economy do not allow secure projections on the consequences for the company's operations." Carlos Maurício Ribeiro, partner of Vieira Rezende Advogados, also said that the consequences of the state's projects will depend on the extent of the crisis and its spread around the world.

The queue of platforms that was planned for the next four years would help the company move quickly in pre-salt. For next year it is expected the delivery of two units that are already in the final stretch of construction. These should therefore be the most affected and are more likely to delay.


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