Coronavirus: IBP wants to ensure production and supply in the country

"We speak on behalf of all our associates – more than 300 companies, ranging from oil and gas production to fuel distribution, with the responsibility we have to provide energy safely and reliably. At this critical moment that humanity is going through, we need to ensure that this essential service will not be lacking in the national territory", said the statement published by the Brazilian Institute of Oil, Gas and Biofuels, last Sunday (22).

According to the institute, the operating companies involved in the supply are following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, adapting their regimes to the crisis situation and all the necessary measures to preserve the safety of personnel. In addition, the IBP also works with the Federal Government to ensure the entry into national territory of expatriates, since some activities related to the operation of the platforms are carried out by them, who have specific knowledge, and it is necessary ensure that they can enter national territory.

"We need to have continued assurance of the movement of trucks and people essential to this activity, with the necessary security, in all states of the Federation," the IBP said.


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