Corporations have a solution against cybercrime

Hacker attacks against companies continue to grow worldwide, and Brazil is already the 5th country to receive the most cybercriminal actions: there were 9.1 million records in the first half of this year, considering only ransomware attacks, according to consulting firm Roland Berger. To protect businesses from this scenario, MyCena has developed a complete security, control, and management system to decentralize access to combat phishing and ransomware attacks.

Today, 89% of computer breaches are still related to weak, reused, or stolen passwords, according to the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report. To work around the problem of remembering many passwords, companies have used centralized access solutions such as Single Sign-on (SSO), Identity Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), or password managers. Contrary to what many think, these tools allow criminals to log in only once to open all systems at the same time and spread ransomware.

"While centralized access exposes companies to ransomware, the implementation of decentralized access creates a new environment where there is not a single access point from which criminals can infect the entire network," explains Julia O ́Toole, founder and CEO of MyCena Security Solutions. "Basically we go back to what we know in the physical world: a door, a key. If a credential is stolen, the MyCena solution prevents all credentials from being exposed," says the company's founder.

To protect business secrets, MyCena's patented solution incorporates a comprehensive cyber resilience strategy, enabling systems segmentation and creating unique, strong passwords. The solution also provides decentralization and protection of credentials, automatic completion of encrypted passwords on individual systems, registration of events by credentials, without people creating, memorizing, typing or seeing any password, which removes the risks of password errors, fraud and phishing.

Deploy for security, use for productivity

The main benefits of using MyCena's decentralized digital access are: better access control and management system to protect the entire enterprise from cyber attacks and ransomware; better cyber resilience; increased productivity; substantial reduction of IT support costs; protection of personal and proprietary data; compliance with the data privacy law to avoid fines on the implementation of the LGPD and rapid deployment of the system without the need for infrastructure change in companies.

MyCena is available in the domestic market, where it is distributed by a network of fast-growing channel partners and already used by large and small companies from various industries. "The adoption of cybersecurity solutions has become a survival issue for the business today," explains Nivancir Naville, country manager at MyCena Security Solutions. "With MyCena, companies no longer have to choose between remembering passwords and single access, between security and convenience."

In Brazil, MyCena is used by retail, healthcare, call centers, financial services, tourism and manufacturing companies, among others. One of MyCena's customers, responsible for the ecommerce of a large distributor of cleaning and hygiene products, explains how the solution was adopted in the company. "I assumed the position of responsible for the technical area of the company at the peak of the pandemic. All our home-office employees were remotely accessing the server, with all centralized access being fast and convenient, until we started having out-of-hours access attempts by unidentified addresses. It was then that the need for a tool arose to decentralize this user information and increase our security. With MyCena I can have full control over each user's access and passwords, facilitating the identification of access and control of passwords in a single portal, in addition to the reports that we can extract quickly and conveniently."

About MyCena Security Solutions

Founded in 2016, MyCena is the market leader in decentralized access management solutions. More than cutting-edge technology, its patented security system incorporates a comprehensive cyber resiliency strategy based on system segmentation, access decentralization, strong password generation, multi-level credential security, and end-to-end password encryption, and protects businesses and governments from phishing, ransomware, and chain attack delivery. The company offers enterprise security solutions and applications to end users.

The publication of this type of release is part of the ambitious program of the Portal Panorama Offshore, which meets the security claims in the Internet of Things, AI, in our cyber world. PHISING – criminal makes himself pass for a trusted person or company sending a message to manage to attract his victims. In this way, when sending a message to an email, application, or other tools, the fraudster just waits until the recipient receives it and opens the message. RANSOWARE – is a type of malware that restricts access to the system infected with a kind of lock and charges a ransom in cryptocurrencies so that access can be restored, which makes virtually impossible the tracking of the criminal who may come to receive the value.

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