Courses are options for enriching the qualification in the offshore environment

The labor market is not an easy way, competitiveness demands specializations. In the offshore world it is no different from this, companies increasingly seek for professionals who have different qualifications and who have broad knowledge to give the best and work with productivity, thus contributing positively to the company .

To get more qualification and stay more and more within the offshore sector, professionals invest in improving the area in new forms of teaching. Therefore, there are several courses on the branch that help this practice in an easier way and can be even free.

In the units of the FIESP system 5 with the National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI), the most sought courses are technical teaching in electrotechnic, then those of mechanics, electromechanics, safety at work, industrial automation, automation Automotive, Mechatronics, buildings, electronics and logistics.

In addition to teaching as an oil platform operator, petrochemicals, refrigeration and HVAC, oil and gas, and gas systems. For those who want to work specifically on the platforms, are required the courses of confined space, work in height, cargo handling, Escape training of submerged aircraft (Huet) and the rigger.

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