COVID-19: ANP changes exploration and production rules

Last week, the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) changed some rules in the work of oil exploration and production during the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

E&P flexibilization measures updated Resolution 816 through the new Resolution 820. Thus, the objective is to facilitate the understanding and application of the rules by regulated agents in the oil sector in the midst of the crisis. In the new version, the ANP extends the deadlines for the delivery of local content reports by companies.

The agency also suspends the deadline for delivery of the compositional analysis of natural gas defined by ANP Resolution 40/2009. It is worth remembering that this resolution establishes the criteria for setting the reference price of natural gas for the calculation of government participations.

Moreover, the resolution ratifies the prioritization of delivery of documents by the Electronic Information System (SEI), as well as provides for the acceptance of documents signed electronically, by the ICP-Brazil system (digital certification), or signed directly in sei.

Check out the changes in full through the Official Gazette by clicking here.


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