Covid-19 spreads on platforms in Brazil

Brazil became the second country with the most cases of Covid-19, after the USA. However, in the number of cases of contamination on platforms, the ANP recorded 544 cases of active infection until last Thursday (21) among workers who accessed platforms or offshore units in the country. In the United States, an industry association said it had recorded only 99 cases of coronavirus among offshore workers, according to data shared with Reut

ers.Sources told Reuters that at least five major oil and gas companies have recorded cases of Covid-19 in some of its offshore units in Brazil. Shell and Enauta each had one case. On the other hand, Equinor recorded about 60 cases until last week, mainly in the Peregrino field, according to a source with direct knowledge of ANP data and a source with knowledge of the company's operations. Perenco recorded approximately 40 infections in its Pargo field, according to a government source and a source familiar with the company's activities. State-owned Pet

robras has registered more than 300 cases among workers, including outsourced workers, according to the government source. However, the company, which recognized infections, said last Friday (22), that the number of active cases fell to 181, from 243 previously. The number does not include recovered or outsourced. 

The companies said they are taking security measures to contain the cases.


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