Water crisis presents significant worsening

In an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday (24), the CMSE (Monitoring Committee of the Electricity Sector), said that the water conditions of the country had a "significant worsening", making it necessary to adopt new measures, in addition to keeping those that are in office.

In a meeting, some measures suggested by the ONS (National Electric System Operator) and considered by the Committee were proposed, among them are the temporary flexibilization of the são francisco river operating rule and the use of stored water stocks. The theme awaits opinion of (extra space) CREG (Chamber of Exceptional Rules for Hydroenergy Management), which holds meeting today (25).

Still searching for alternatives to create solutions that can mitigate or stop the worst water crisis in the last 91 years, researchers from the SGB (Geological Service of Brazil) indicated that groundwater could help in the problem of worsening crisis in the Southeast and Midwest regions. Also according to the researchers, the results were encouraging.

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