CTG Brazil and Senai seal sustainable investment

CTG Brasil, a company of the foreign China Three Gorges Corporation, and the Senai (National Industrial Learning Service) closed a multimillion-dollar contract for the creation of the Clean Energy Innovation Hub, which aims to invest in clean energy generation projects in São Paulo (SP). The the project is expected to be inaugurated in the first half of 2020.

The estimate is that they will initially be invested about R$ 100 million at Clean Energy Innovation Hub over the next five years, focusing on in activities aimed at planning, management and security solutions for hydroelectric plants, energy efficiency and social responsibility and Environmental.

The objective is to finance research and development projects (R&D), drawing up proposals from the Senai Innovation Institutes in collaboration with universities and other research and technology organizations in the Brazil and China.

Also for this year, an injection of R$ 12 is expected million from CTG Brazil in 21 R&D projects, equivalent to 66% more than that in 2018. Currently, the company of the Chinese group has in Brazil the capacity to total installed of 8.28 gigawatts, with investments in 11 wind farms and 17 hydroelectric plants.


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