Debate on operational routine of industries will be the focus of COTEQ 2017

Inspection by UAV, Subsea Structural Integrity and Corrosion in Construction are some themes of special sessions that promise to move the Conference on Equipment Technology (COTEQ 2017), from 15 to 18 May in Windson Ocean, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de January.

By four entities, the event is considered a renowned discussion space on the operational routine of industries, considering integrity and mechanical behavior of materials and equipment. During the four-day, 1.5 billion people are expected, among academics, international experts, engineers, technicians, business representatives in general and students.

The debates will be translated into technical presentations, short courses, side events, poster section, roundtables, special lectures and conferences, divided among 250 technical presentations. In addition to these attractions, the meeting also includes events gathered, follow:

• National Congress of Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection (Conaend). Abendi
• International Conference on Evaluación of Integrity and Extension of Equipos Industriales Life (IEV). PROMAI
• Brazilian Corrosion Congress (Conbrascorr). Hug
• Equipment Inspection Seminar (Seminsp). IBP
• Experimental Analysis Symposium voltages (SAET). ABCM
• Brazilian Symposium on pipes and pressure vessels – structures and thermo-hydraulic (SIBRAT). ABCM
• Corrosion & Painting Equipment Technology Expo, NDT and Equipment Inspection (EXPOEQUIP).

In general, the COTEQ 2017 promotes a unique opportunity to update technical and conducting business. More information:
About Abendi – Facing the dissemination of the activities of inspection and Non Destructive Testing (NDT), preserving life and the environment, Abendi maintains partnerships with organizations and companies to spread the use of NDT, techniques necessary inspection of materials and equipment without damaging them, running in the manufacturing steps, construction, installation and maintenance.

The Abendi is also accredited by the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, and Personnel Certification Body – OPC-002, according to ISO 17024, for the qualification and certification personal END, based on the criteria of ISO 9712. Accredited since 2003 by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) and Sectorial Standardization Body (ONS-58), for the development of NDT standards; and the National Agency of Petroleum (ANP) as an institution of R & D R & D in the areas of interest of the oil industry and is also accredited by the ANP since 2013 as the Certificate of Local Content.

The association is also recognized as Technology Sector Entity (ETS), the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for technology management in NDT area. Since 2006, it is qualified as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP), the Ministry of Justice, which enables receive donations from companies, deducted from operating profit; develop public sector interest projects; training activities and training people; and the chance to receive goods seized, abandoned or available, administered by the Secretariat of the Federal Revenue.

It also has technical cooperation agreements and agreements with Brazilian and international institutions such as the BAM – Germany Institute of Materials.

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