Declaration of relative causes 12% drop in Petrobras ' shares

On Thursday (24) Petrobras lost about R $41 billion in value in the market. According to data from the Economatica financial information provider, the Brazilian company again lost the most valuable post of the stock exchange, which had been resumed in May after three years.

One of the reasons for Petrobras ' actions plummeting on this farm was the negative reaction to the company's decision to reduce the price of diesel by 10% for 15 days, due to the protest of truckers in the country. According to state, the consequence of this measure will be the loss of R $350 million in revenue for the company. From this decision by the President of Petrobras, Pedro Kin, the shares suffered a fall of 12%.

For the Economatica methodology, the market value is made through the amount of out-of-treasury stock and the quotation of the papers, recording its historical maxim in May 2008 reaching the Bovespa market value of R $510.3 billion.

According to the site value Online, the ADRs, the state paper receipts that are traded on the new York stock Exchange, fell 11.32% on the eve for the value of US $13.40 in the "after Market" and investors fear the return of political interference in the company.

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