Pezão Decree grants tax incentives to the oil industry

Even prohibited by law to create new tax exemptions greater than R $650 million without the approval of the assembly, Governor Luiz Fernando Pezão decided to accede by decree to the Federal Covenant Repetro.

The regime to stimulate the oil and gas industry caused controversy in Brasilia last year when the House of Deputies decided to extend the bethat until 2040 — resulting in a waiver, in the entire national territory, estimated in… R $1 trillion!

Here on the river, part of the sizzled Legislative Assembly by opening the Official Gazette and seeing that the Covenant — suspended by members in 2016 — had come back to existence entirely.

And between the eight and the 80, the interim president, André Ceciliano (PT), put a project on the agenda to allow benefits to be granted only in the research phase.

If the issues that involve federal intervention in the area of public safety — and its developments — allow, the new distribution of bethats will be in the order of the day of the restarting of the Pós-carnaval works.

In the class that does not even want to hear about more tax waivers, was Waldeck Carneiro, from the same PT of the interim President of the Assembly, André Ceciliano.

The PSDB also cracked, with Luiz Paulo fighting to suspend the decree, and Carlos Osório, Tucanamente, defending stimulus to the oil industry — but only after listening to all stakeholders, in public hearing.

Fat cows
In the accounts of the Court of Auditors of the State (ECA), in 2014, the Repetro — and 21 Other devices in force — caused the then gigantic Petrobras to stop collecting R $3.1 billion from the Fluminense coffers. Source.

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