Demand for oil can increase up to 2040

Global oil demand could increase 10.8% by 2040, mainly in the transport sector, according to a study by the French oil tanker Total.

The study is based on hypotheses, highlights the Total to matize its conclusions, and predicts that oil demand in 2040 may increase by 10 million barrels per day (mbd) compared to 2015 (92.5 mbd).

Total indicates that demand will lower in the construction sectors (-2 mbd), Energy (-3 mbd) and non-energetic uses (-1 mbd), but increase in the transport sector, which in 2015 accounted for 56% of Total consumption.

According to the study, the demand for oil would increase by 2 mbd in the individual transport, in 6 mbd in the collective transport, in 1 mbd in transport by boat and in 4 mbd in the transport by plane. Source.

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