Discovered well at least one billion barrels in Mexico

A consortium formed by the companies Premier Oil, Sierra Oil Gas and Energy Stalks & made the discovery of a well in the shallow waters of the southern Gulf of Mexico, which has the capacity to produce at least one billion barrels. The operation of the well, called Zama 1, was only possible because the Mexican Government ended the monopoly of the State-owned Petroleos Mexicanos, allowing private companies to win a license.

This is the first discovery of a private oil company in 80 years in Mexico. The Zama camp 1 is located 60 kilometers off the coast of the Mexican port of Dos Bocas, in 166 metres of water and produce the oil light type. Of the 13 blocks offered in the first auction of the Gulf in July 2015, this was what else was interested.

The oil discovered in the well is of extreme importance to the Mexico and companies involved. In the last decade, the fall in oil extraction was the smallest of the last 30 years. The decision to end state monopoly emerged as the country's way to slow or change the decline of Mexican oil production, which, apparently, has been started to yield fruit.

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