Despite being the biggest producer, Rio pays expensive in gasoline

Even though the largest oil producer in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro still has the second most expensive gasoline in the country. Currently, the average price of fuel in the state already reaches the value of R $4.999, according to the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels). The state loses only to the Acre, in which the average value of the litre of gasoline is R $5.129.

Currently, the river hosts some of the main refining of Petrobras ' complexes, being responsible for 80% of Brazil's oil production today. Unlike Acre, which is dependent on import to bring gasoline to Acreanos. This fact generates many questions regarding the justification of the high value of gasoline in the stations of the Fluminense region.

Acre is a leader in the fuel price ranking because it has a higher cost than the other States for the fuel to reach the region. The nearest refinery is in Manaus, at a distance of 1,300 kilometers. The river, despite the production of oil in the country, has the second most expensive gasoline due to the high price of ICMS (tax on the movement of goods and services).

The charge of ICMS on gasoline in Rio is 34%, greater than any other Brazilian state. Only Minas Gerais and Piauí approach this number with 31%. Among the other regions, the percentage varies between 25% to 30%. The information is from Fecombustíveis (National Federation of Trade in Fuels and lubricants).

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