Despite impasses, government wants to privatize Eletrobras

"We will work to make it as f[enviado]ast as possible," said Rodrigo Maia, president of the House of Deputies, regarding the bill (PL) that aims at the privatization of Eletrobras. However, the commitment of the processing of the PL will still depend on the federal government. The statement was made last Wednesday (21), same day that the government announced the privatization plan of 17 public companies, which includes the electric Power company. Maia's assertion resulted in the firing of the state's actions by more than 12%, reaching a maximum historical.

The announcement of Maia was made one day after the Congress overthrow the provisional measure (MP) that enabled the sale of the largest electric power company in Latin America the private initiative. The text of the MP, edited by President Jair Bolsonaro in April, established that values of up to R $3.5 million were passed on to the company until 2021, as a way to reimburse Eletrobras in expenses taken from part of its distributors, which were all At the end of 2018.

Around 13h on Wednesday (21), Eletrobras ' Ordinary (voting) papers rose 13.3% to R $45.38. The company is one of the 17 state members that comprise the list of the privatization plan of the federal Government planned to be held still in 2019 and announced yesterday. In addition to the electric power company, are the post office, Telebras, Lotex, Casa da currency, EBC, Emgea, ABGF, Serpro, Dataprev, Ceagesp, Ceasaminas, CBTU, Trensurb, Codesa, Ceitec and Codesp.

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