Despite occupying the 94 position, Brazil has the most expensive gasoline

In the survey done by the consultancy GlobalPetrolPrices, Brazil occupies the 94 place in ranking that compares the fuel price of 165 countries. Although it is not the most expensive gasoline in the world, still the Brazilian is the one that feels the most in the pocket. This fact is due to the analysis made between price and purchasing power of the Brazilian population.

The list is led by Hong Kong, Iceland and Norway, where the liter of fuel costs more than R $8. Although the price is high, in Norway, for example, filling a tank with 40 litres of gasoline, equivalent to R $336, corresponds 1.6% of the country's average salary, which is R $20,533.00. Already in Brazil, the same amount of fuel, which costs R $178, is equivalent to 8.1% of the average income.

The high cost of living and the high tax burden of Hong Kong and Norway explain why gasoline is so expensive. Despite the price of fuel, wages in these places are very well paid, which helps to soften the economic scenario, unlike Brazil. In addition to the high values, the ranking also pointed out the low prices, among them, that of Iran, which costs r $1.18 litre, and Venezuela, with the cheapest gasoline in the world, with R $0.03 litre.

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