Diesel drops 15.3% and records lower price drop since March

Petrobras announced on Thursday, November 29, a 15.3% drop in the price of diesel in refineries. According to the oil tanker, the price went from R $2.1228 to R $1.7984 per liter and recorded the lowest drop since March of this year and will remain until December 15th.

According to the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the commercialization prices of the diesel, regulated by the subsidy program, are registering falls similar to that of Petrobras and has oscillated from R $1.7546 to r $1.9006 per liter.

Petrobras has already received about R $3.8 billion in reimbursement of subsidies. And the ANP stated that it predicts the end of the diesel subsidy if the oil fall remains strong in the international market.

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