From oil to ball: President of Ouro Preto competes for the position of representative of Flamengo

On December 8, the members of the club of Regatas do Flamengo go to the polls with the goal of choosing the president of the Black Rubro for the triennium 2019/2021. By Chapa Unifla is the Civil engineer and post-graduate in administration, Luiz Rodolfo Landim, who is also co-founder and president of the oil company Ouro Preto Oil and gas.

With more than 30 years of experience in management, Landim collects managerial and management positions in oil and gas companies, besides having presided over major companies such as Gaspetro, Petrobras and, the current, Ouro Preto. The performance and good corporate governance practices acquired and prospected in years of work in the offshore sector must be followed and perpetuated in the management of Flamengo.

Several names of the CRF already demonstrate support to Landim, among them Marcos Braz, director of football and vice president of Flamengo in 2009, the year in which the team Carioca was hexacamchampion Brazilian. Braz also has in the curriculum by the team the Copa do Brasil of 2006 and the state of 2007, besides having been part of the board that led the basketball of Flamengo to the Brazilian title.

The plate of Landim also has support from Zico, Márcio Braga and Cláudio Pracownik, former vice of finance and administration of the club. In addition to the presidency, the winning plate will have 48 chairs on the Board of Directors (24 alternates) and 120 in the deliberative Council (40 alternates). The second place will receive 12 vacancies in the Coad (six alternates) and 30 in the CoDe (ten alternates).

After disclosure in the media that winning the Landim election will bring Renato Gaúcho to command Flamengo in 2019, we hear behind the scenes that next year Rodolfo Landim will share his undeniable competence and experience in management, successfully exercised in gold Black oil and gas, with the club of Regatas do Flamengo. In the Footballistic language, this can be called "Golaço". It arrives on December 8th. Let it come 1 2019 more promising for Flamengo and also for the oil, gas, energy and offshore markets.

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