Dow and Fuenix will transform plastic into petroleum

The companies Dow Chemical Company (Dow Inc.) and Fuenix Ecogy Group have closed business and are investing in a new project aimed at transforming plastic waste into oil, while the global market seeks to expand recycling amid a growing volume of Pollution that has been massively attacking the environment. Most plastics on the planet are never recovered and nearly 90% of these wastes end up in landfills, incinerators, rivers and oceans.

Fuenix has created a method to decompose plastic in a form that can be reused in new manufacturing. In this way, Dow INC. Plans to implement the material process in its factory in Holland. Feunix's initiative is in the midst of a strong global environmental policy pressure to deal with plastic waste that obstructes the oceans, damaging animal life and the planet's ecosystem.

This innovation of Fuenix is a more flexible solution than the traditional recycling method. The product used in the process, called "pyrolysis oil", is ideal for manufacturing food packaging and medical products that usually require freshly extracted hydrocarbons such as crude oil. "You see no difference," said Dow Inc. Recycling director in Asia and Europe, Carsten Larsen, who compared pyrolysis oil to crude oil.

The partnership should help Dow Inc. To use about 100,000 tonnes of recycled plastic to manufacture products sold in the European Union by 2025, the company said in an official statement. To reduce waste in the ocean, the European Union is adhering to the prohibition of disposable plastics (such as dishes, cutlery and straits) up to 2021.

Some companies, such as Unilever NV and Walmart, have also pledged to increase the use of recycled plastics, creating a market valued at US $120 billion in Canada and the United States, countries where only 6% of the plastics used are available for Be recycled, according to a report by Closed Loop Partners.

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