Saudi-Arabian drone attacks raise oil prices

The price of crude oil rose on Monday, 19, after an attack this weekend at an oil facility in Saudi Arabia by Yemen rebels. We used 10 drones that attacked a complex of refineries and deposits of the state oil company Saudi Aramco last Saturday (17), being "the largest operation of the air weapons", according to the military spokesman Houthi, Yahya Sarea, in a statement to Almasirah television channel.

In the face of commercial tension, oil gains were limited due to market concerns after a report by OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), in which demotivated data were presented on the growth of global demand for Oil.

Brent Oil, an international benchmark for oil prices, rose 55 cents (equivalent to 0.9%), moving to US $59.19. The West Texas Intermediate (WTI), increased 57 cents (corresponding to 1%), being US $55.44 per barrel.

The drone attack of the Hungarian group of Yemen to the oil field of the world's most profitable company, Aramco, took place on the last Saturday, 17, and caused a fire in a gas factory, which is located "in the main oil stock of Saudi Arabia, with About a billion barrels, "according to Sarea. Despite the attack, the Saudi company stated that its oil production was not affected.

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