Drones in the future of the offshore market

The onshore and offshore production comes, year after year, expanding and increasing the interest of investors. The market saw in oil the new age of gold and the opportunity to leverage and develop economically companies and their countries. While the oil was growing and solidifying, the advance of technology has followed that trajectory and innovations as platforms, drilling, extraction and monitoring mechanisms were emerging gradually.

Because it's an area that's growing technological development, the industrial branch of oil and natural gas requires caution and precaution redoubled, with almost daily inspection routines. Are jobs that require effort, attention and care, in order to maintain the quality of production, as well as the safety of employees in the sector. However, for the case of large complex areas, monitoring of platforms or oil fields can be time-consuming, high-risk and high financial cost. This is where the technology comes in.

Thanks to the knowledge and engineering, today it is possible to use the newest "modern air tax": the drones. With high-tech technology, these small unmanned aerial vehicles and remotely controlled can go places with difficult access, collecting information with very high quality through image and videos, managing to identify problems, often, invisible to the human eye.

With the help of the drones, currently oil and gas companies can perform more easily the structural inspections of tanks, boilers, steam generators, pipelines, tunnels, platforms and among other places that provide risk, in shortest time and possible accidents. Being also regarded as one of the major factors of transformation in the industry.

Often seen mistakenly as replacement of human labor, the use of the drones did not exclude professional, but serves as a helper in jobs that are unreachable, which can result in risks to the worker's life. This new technology has raised productivity, growth and expansion of the market, which has increased including the generation of jobs.

In addition, the use of technologies in work demands that are permanently updated professionals and savvy new instruments, which extends the professional and technological knowledge workers.

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