EagleBurgmann: lecture on technology solutions at Rio Pipeline

The Rio Pipeline Conference & Exhibition, which takes place at the same time the OTC Brazil in Rio Centro, Rio de Janeiro, on 24, 25 and 26 October, is one of the main events of the pipeline segment. With the motto "connecting the future: trends and Challenges", the Pipeline River introduces a new brand that brings together the entire community of the dutoviário sector, from end to end.

Both the Rio Pipeline about OTC Brazil are organized by the Brazilian Institute of oil, gas and Biofuels, and bet on the growth of the oil and gas sector. The fairs also highlight the participation of large and medium-sized national and international companies presenting news in technology.

Speaking of news, the company of Brazil, EagleBurgmann German Freudenberg Group brings your representative to the Rio Pipeline, Senior Application engineer Andreas Pehl to speak at day 26 October at 12:30. The specialist will address the topic: "development of a simple mechanical seal equipped with a high pressure containment seal for multiple pumps fluids, able to provide the same level of operational reliability of a dual pressurized seal".

In your presentation, Pehl will discuss critical aspects, calculations, laboratory verification tests and field experience provided in the use of a simple mechanical seal equipped with a high pressure containment in multiple pumps fluids.

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