Edited decree amends calculations of shareholdings and royalties

President Michel Fear edited the Decree 9.302/2018, amending the previous standard on the criteria for calculation and collection of government and royalties related to the activities of exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas .

The text, which is published in the issue of Wednesday, 7, of the Official Journal of the Union (DOU), details how the distribution of these resources will be given to the beneficiaries, including states and municipalities.

According to the text, the classification of the revenue collected will be carried out by the Ministry of Finance, through the secretariat of the National Treasury, obeyed the legal destinations, and the implementation of this budget expenditure, which includes commitment, Settlement and payment will be held under the supervision of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) is the body competing to calculate and determine the values due to each beneficiary.

The decree also reaffirms the device of the previous standard so that, in the cases of States and municipalities, the values are credited in specific accounts of ownership of the ones in the Bank of Brazil, "observed the deductions of a legal, tax or contractual nature ". Source: Journal of Brazil

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