Eletrobras triprofits Profit and exceeds the house of the billion

Eletrobras triated Its net income in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period in 2018. The balance sheet released by the energy Distributor presents a collection of R $1.347 billion against the R $484 million of last year. This scenario seems to be correlated with the sales of assets of the state, mainly due to the denationalization of six subsidiaries of the company.

The relationship of the privatization of distributors with the profit of Eletrobras is not directly linked to the amount raised in auctions, but with the "less" loss of the state with the deficit companies. Of the six subsidiaries sold, two had the operation completed this year, Ceal (Alagoas) and Amazonas Energia. The others obtained the process of denationalization completed still in 2018.

According to the state, the discontinued operations of the company totaled a loss of R $1.91 billion during the first quarter of 2018, a significant reduction in the first three months of this year, to R $223 million. Still according to Eletrobras, the results of the first quarter of 2019 are also due to the decrease in provisions for judicial contingencies, which became R $104 million.

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