Eletrobras postpones sale of Amazonas Energia

On Tuesday, October 23, Eletrobras announced the postponement of the auction of Amazonas Energia for the 27th of November, and thus enable the possible buyers time to adapt the proposals. The privatization of the State was expected to take place on Thursday, October 25th.

In the previous week, the Senate had denied the bill that would lead the distributor to auction, but Elebrobras together with the Ministry of Mines and Energy opted to continue the privatization process.

According to the company the reason for postponing the sale of Amazonas Energia would be the fact that the debt it has with Petrobras. Eletrobras owes to the oil company about R $17 billion related to the supply of fuel oil and natural gas for energy production in the northern region of Brazil.

The proposals should be delivered on November 21st, from 14h to 17h. Eletrobras has until December 31st to sell the Amazon Distributor, otherwise the state will have its doors closed and the distributions of services delivered to the government.

The postponement seems good for the population, as it refers to the delivery of public assets to private hands. But wouldn't it be better if you always kept it public? Wouldn't we be delivering our riches to third parties?

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