Eletrobras plan does not bring expected result

Eletrobras reached less than 25% of its expected goal by the PDV (voluntary dismissal plan) implemented earlier this year. The plan attracted 438 employees, when the state's estimate was to reduce 2,187 vacancies in the workforce. The information was given by the company's president, Wilson Ferreira Jr., in an interview with the Reuters agency.

The PDV, completed in March, was the first proposed by the State in this year. Due to the low number of adhesions to the plan, the expectation is that there are other rounds of the program until the end of 2019. The company's management aims to reduce 2000 employees up to 2020, from the 14000 employees currently to 12000.

According to the company, the decrease in the workforce is highly linked to the reduction of expenditures, which can reach R $4.2 billion against R $6.5 billion of 2016. In addition to the PDV, the state also invests in the sale of assets in order to achieve the financial recovery of the largest electricity company in Latin America.

In addition to the programs of shutdown and sale of assets, the federal government studies to implement a system of capitalization in the State through the provision of new shares.

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