Eletrobras intends to dismiss 3000 employees

Eletrobras extended the deadline for adherence to the voluntary resignation plan (PDV) for November 9, which has the goal of achieving 3000 dismissals of employees of the company. The reason is due to a low number of subscribers to the plan. It is the second time that the state has changed the deadline of the PDV, which had already been postponed to the 26th of October.

With the aim of achieving 3000, the company managed only 733 employees. The POS are eligible for workers who have at least 1 years of employment with the company, at the time of shutdown, or amnesty and reinstated to the company through the special inter-ministerial commission of Amnesty, without the need for minimum House.

The voluntary dismissal plan has been taking place in the subsidiaries amid the current scenario of mass privatization. Out of six distributors, four have already been sold to the private sector. The company claims that the denationations are necessary for the liquidation of the accumulative debts of Eletrobras.

In addition to the sale of the state, another alternative found by the electric power Company is to generate the employee cut through the POS so that the company saves its expenses. In March of this year, the state had announced the approval of the PDV in the subsidiaries Eletrobras Cepel, Cgtee, CHESF, Electronuclear, Eletronorte, Amazonas GT, Eletrosul and Furnas, besides Eletrobras itself.

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