Eletrobras launches game about energy use

Eletrobras released, in note, the pre-release of the game called “Super Efficient”, which is part of the educational program “Transforming Energy” – partnership between power plants and the Roberto Marinho/Futura Foundation, under the Procel (National program for Electrical energy conservation). The application was developed to promote, In a playful way, knowledge about the efficient use of energy.

In the game, the User will have to make choices in order to keep the power consumption below Of the limit in different scenarios and seasons. Every experience Successful, the player climbs level, releasing access to new cities.

The launch Happens at the 16th National Science and Technology Week (SNCT), which began in the Last Monday (21), at the exhibition Pavilion of the city park, in Brasilia. The application will begin to be implemented in public schools of Fundamental teachings II and medium from March 2020.


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