Eletrobras Mirrors Petrobras to Deinvest

Eletrobras intends to carry out new sales of generation and transmission assets in the second semester, in a model similar to that currently practiced by Petrobras in its disinvestments, according to the president of the largest electricity company in Latin America, Mr. Wilson Ferreira Jr.

The executive said that the systematic of disinvestments must be approved by the Board of Directors of the State at the end of this month, with an estimate to disclose the details about the operation to the market in June. The actions listed in this planning are participations of Eletrobras in 45 SPEs (Specific purpose societies), most of them belonging to the wind energy sector.

The assets that the company aims to understand in the new model are specifically those that did not find purchasers at auction held last September. In the bidding, 11 lots of assets were sold per R $1.29 billion, when the intention was to sell 18 lots for about R $3.1 billion.

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