Eletrobras represents 30% of installed capacity in the country

Eletrobras reached the mark of more than 50000 MegaWatts of installed capacity, after the 15th generating unit of the Belo Monte plant (PA) had entered the commercial operation on Wednesday (21). In addition to 128 plants of Eletrobras companies or that rely on the company's participation, the state has reached the number of 50,207 MW of installed power, representing 30% of the total in the country. The information was disclosed in an official statement by Eletrobras.

In July, with the drive of the 14th generating unit of Belo Monte (PA), the hydroelectric power plant became the largest 100% Brazilian mill. The forecast is that three more generating units come into operation in Belo Monte still this year.

"The milestone of 50000 MW reinforces the contribution of Eletrobras companies so that Brazil has one of the most renewable energy matrices and with the lowest emission of greenhouse gases in the world, in addition to the country housing some of the largest hydroelectric plants on the planet" , Eletrobras said in a statement.

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