Soon Offshore Brazil will arrive in Macaé

Are expected for the event 550 companies in the areas of maintenance, automation, production and exploitation for doing business during the four-day event.

This edition will feature several players from the national and international market that will offer solutions in technologies and equipment of the offshore area. Among the companies committed to the event are: Petrobras, Petrustech, Brazil, Wärtsilä Shipyard Maua, NUCLEP, Tiger Rentank, Air Liquide, Atlas Copco Brazil Brazil, among others.

In addition, the exhibition can be an excellent opportunity for those who desired, present your know-how to the companies, in addition to knowing the operations and the type of technology that organizations use in the production and exploitation of fossil fuels. This event is a reflection of the economic upturn in the country in the area of oil and gas, especially in the city of Macae, which currently is a national reference.

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