Amid the Carnival, Petrobras calls Assembly to sell their shares

Petrobras announced the call notice for the Extraordinary General Meeting for its shareholders to take place on 27 February, Monday Carnival, at 15 pm in the auditorium of its headquarters, at Avenida República do Chile 65, 1st floor , Center of Rio de Janeiro.

The meeting aims to discuss the proposal for approval of the sale of 100% of shares held by Petrobras in PetroquímicaSuape and CITEPE for PETROMEX and DAK AMERICAS group EXTERIOR the amount in reais equivalent to US $ 385,000,000.00 (three hundred and eighty five million dollars).

In addition to the decision on the proposed sale of shares, the Assembly will aim also to decide on the election of a member of the Supervisory Board appointed by the controlling shareholder. Check here the Call Notice.

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