Oil and gas company itself on the market

With the goal of rescuing the credibility in the market and prepare the company to take on other operational challenges, especially in the area of oil and gas – business sector in which you want to perform in the coming years – the Schahin assumed a new identity. Schahin now is BASE.

The change is not only conceptual or the name. The company made strategic changes in three steps to adapt to more modern and ethical practices. The first course of action taken by the Board of Directors was hired in January of this year, a new President and a new Board, with market professionals. The civil engineer Marcos Sarge was named President of the BASE. The Professional is a graduate of the State University of Londrina and MBA in business administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV-SP).

The second, no less important, was away from the company all staff, employees and shareholders involved in corruption and in car wash Operation. "The shareholders still own the business, but I don't think more operational decisions. The third step was the creation of a program of governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), aiming at combating new fraud cases, "says Sarge.

The main commitment of the new Board is to make the entire group follow to the letter the governance program. That way, you can putting on to the company to act in the competitive market of oil and gas, always respecting ethics principles – which must guide trade relations. The objective of this type of program is to get the executives and employees follow the rules of ethical conduct strictly doing business, third party hire and participation in bids, always seeking relationships based on respect and transparency.

"Today, with the duration of anti-corruption laws, which regulate the business practice, it is important to be aware of every decision in the corporate world and never commit indiscretions that may compromise the company name or even the continuity of the operation," says Sarge. According to him, if these concepts are disseminated in the company is easier to conduct business with smoothness. After the completion of the Reorganization, the Foundation will resume investment in strategic sectors like energy, private construction and real estate.

Success story – the Schahin Group's path begins in 1966, with the Foundation of Schahin Cury, initiating the activities in the areas of real estate development, engineering and construction. With pioneering and workmanship 100% brazilian, the company began to stand out in the market for innovation, quality and loyalty to customers. History is written since then with great works, always with innovative technology. In the following decades, joined in segments such as telecommunications, energy and oil and gas.
With the name change and repositioning in the market, the BASE wants to safeguard the company's business and keep the jobs it creates. Currently, the company dominates the prospecting and exploitation of oil in deep waters. For this reason and to understand that this is a strategic business area, with growing potential, the Group intensified your focus.

The company practices in their business competitive prices, while respecting the principles of free competition, and provides cutting edge technology and technical expertise, with highly skilled labor. This is possible due to a policy of strict costs, conscious and focused on the present moment. Thanks to your program of attracting and retaining talent, with excellent social benefits, the company always managed to offer the best working conditions for its employees. As a result, has one of the lowest turnover of the market. Currently, your seat is in São Paulo (SP), but are maintained in segment operations of oil and gas in the cities of Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, Natal and Salvador.


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