Repair reinstalls company anchor damaged pipeline in Thailand

The United Kingdom offshore repairs company, STATS Group, completed a project to repair and underwater pipelines insulation in the Gulf of Thailand. The export pipeline needed repairs had been dragged 8 m (26 feet) out of position by a ship's anchor.

For such action, the STATS have deployed products that included slab valves, hot faucet connections, caps of completion, end connectors and caps of abandonment. This allowed the repair was carried out without affecting production or the safety of the diver.

The bypass was installed on the seabed as a permanent repair to reroute the pipe away from the damaged section of the pipeline, which was approximately 60 m (197 ft) of water. The company repairs your BISEP system applied to provide waterproof insulation of pressurized pipe, deployed over a hot hole penetration full bore in place of isolation through a mechanical hot tap fitting.

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