Russian company intends to be the world's third gas producer

In an article published, the Russian company Rosneft said it intends to become the third-largest gas producer in the world, as profitable as the Arab, Saudi Aramco. The Chief Executive of the oil company, which is the world's largest producer of oil by volume, Igor Sechin, said the company seeks new tools to improve efficiency in the production chain.

According to the CEO, improving the effectiveness of the steps from the oil and gas exploration to retail sales of oil products is possible to climb the ranks of producers. The Rosneft last year, became the largest independent gas producer in Russia and was in sixth place among the global gas producers listed.

The Russian company's intention is to become the world's largest until the beginning of the next decade, surrender your gas production increased to 100 billion cubic meters until 2020, getting 20% stake in the Russian market.

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