Enauta profits R$ 39.4 million in the third quarter

According to the balance sheet released to the market on the night of last Wednesday (11), Enauta ended the third quarter of this year with a net profit of R$ 39.4 million, 6% lower than that obtained a year earlier, when the company had profited R$ 41.9 million.

In relation to the company's cash, Enauta raised R$ 1.7 billion in the period from July to September. In Ebitida, there was a 17% reduction in the last quarter, which fell to R$ 154.4 million, compared to R$ 186 million the previous year. Enauta attributes the setback to the challenges triggered by the pandemic. 

Total production of 1.37 million barrels of oil (boe) in the third quarter, equivalent to the average daily production of 14,900 boe, is down 33% over the same period in 2019 due to operational problems at the Atlanta Field.


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