Alternative energies don't reach black gold

Around the world there are imminent searches for alternative energies under the optics of various factors, and many of them highly viable, but they lack the attention and necessary investments, which keep oil as a viable and safe source of energy for the next few decades.

The president of Russian state Transneft, Nikolay Tokarev, states that oil is the most popular energy source for at least another 30 years. In an interview with the Rossiya 24 television channel, Tokarev said that "in relation to the planning horizon of up to 30 years, oil will continue to be the most popular energy source".

On the cost of building pipelines for Europe compared to the growth of use of electric transport as a viable alternative the president of the Russian State understands that the idea of switching to electric cars is very attractive from the standpoint of ecology, but to begin Immediate intensive production of such vehicles, despite the efforts of the manufacturers, would be almost impossible. "The use of electric vehicles is linked to the production of electricity, which requires hydrocarbon resources, oil," Tokarev pointed out the inviability.

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