Energisa acquires the distribution of Eletrobras Rondônia

Energisa took over on Tuesday, October 30, the energy distribution of Eletrobras Rondônia (formerly Ceron). The company is responsible for supplying in 52 municipalities and promises to invest about R $470 million in 2019.

The company bought Eletrobras Rondônia for R $253.8 million in August of this year, after the government's decision to privatize six state-owned countries. According to Energisa, the goal is to improve services, service to consumers and also the expansion of the electrical system.

The company confirmed the advance of R $1.2 billion to settle the debts with suppliers and that will combat the energy thefts, which totals waste of 28.3%. Energisa also points out that this loss causes millions to be lost and is therefore paid by the consumer.

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