Energisa manages to buy a subsidiary of Eletrobras

Energisa bought the acre Electricity company (Eletroacre), which belonged to Eletrobras. The company had already killed the subsidiary in the auction that took place in August, but still depended on some conditions, such as government approvals and debt transfer in the amount of R $113.8 million. The closing of the contract was held on Friday, December 7.

In addition, it was necessary to wait for a time of preference right and tag along (protection mechanism) for the minority shareholders of Eletroacre, who sold about 1,878,382 PN shares to Energisa. With this, the company won the subsidiary a total of 117,540,239,262 shares in on and PN, representing approximately 80% of the capital.

Would the state's sales be the solution to the best development of Brazil's economy?

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