Energy: CEO talks about privatizations of CEB and CEEE

CPFL Energia President Gustavo Estrella told Reuters that the company wants to take advantage of favorable financial conditions given by its low indebtedness to assess expansion opportunities, including the privatization of CEB-D and CEEE-D electrics from the governments of the Federal District and Rio Grande do Sul.

The company is controlled by China's State Grid and also intends to look at business in renewable generation. "I think we have a very comfortable level of leverage today. In addition, it has a low interest rate perspective in Brazil in the coming years, so this also brings a cheap source of financing and we have full access to this market", explained the CEO, in a video conversation last Thursday (12).

The executive also explained that CPFL, which has more than half of its assets in the distribution segment, wants to grow in the sector, but the sector is already consolidated and will not offer new opportunities in Brazil unless through the purchase of companies or participation in privatizations of concessionaires. "That's the channel we have for growth and obviously we've been looking at it. We see these opportunities as good… we will look at these assets that are coming to market, CEB and CeEE. It's natural for us to look and Think we can get into this market, in this dispute, in a competitive way."

The privatization auction of CEB's distribution unit, CEB-D, is scheduled for November 27. Rio Grande do Sul, on the other year, seeks to make possible the bidding of the distribution assets of the local electric CEEE by the end of the year.


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