Energy consumption increases with the appreciation of Bitcoin

Energy consumption has increased with the arrival of Bitcoin, a Criptomoeda (digital currency), which has become an economic alternative, for payments of goods and services in a digital way. Which is very interested in investors.

According to computer scientist Arvind Narayanan, Bitcoin is responsible for almost 1% of the energy consumed in the world. In addition to releasing in its production more CO2 in the atmosphere than the gold mining itself. The precious metal, releases about 20 tonnes while the Bitcoin releases approximately 49 tonnes.

In May, the criptomoedas consumed about 0.5% of energy, the same amount is spent throughout Austria. For the economist responsible for Digiconomist, Alex de Vries, a simple Bitcoin transaction represents the energy consumption of a house per week.

Even for the expert, the two forms of mining cause excesses in the release of CO2, but also bring riches to the economic sector, even the Bitcoin is still a speculation and that needs to go through concrete approval.

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