Energy: distributors complain about ANEEL proposal

Last Thursday, the National Meeting of Agents of the Electric Sector (Enase) took place, and executives from EDP Brazil and Neoenergia used the occasion to criticize the current proposal of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) on the rebalancing of electricity distributors in the midst of the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. ANEEL conducts a public consultation on the issue, known as “CP 35”, and recently approved the “Covid Account”, a billion-dollar loan for the electricity sector.

At the time, executives also argued that distributed energy generation, a modality in which consumers generate their own energy, such as photovoltaics, will need adequate regulation to be efficient. Today, the consumer of this category does not collect the Distribution System Usage Tariff (Tusd) in relation to the energy they supply to the electricity grid, but distributors argue that the tariff is charged, so as not to increase costs for other users.

Electricity distributors have also been concerned about the increase in the price of electricity from the Itaipu power plant, which is responsible for providing about 10% of national demand. Itaipu’s energy is quoted in dollars and has cost around R$ 350.00 megawatt-hour (MWh), compared to an average of R$ 200.00 the MWh of other plants.


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