Electricity consumption decreases during pandemic

According to Marcos Madureira, president of the Brazilian Electricity Distributors (Abradee), the consumption of energy is decreasing during the coronavirus pandemic period.

One reason for this reduction would be the closing of trades: "We have a reduction in consumption, trade and service sector, the partially paralyzed or with reduced operation creates an energy crisis", said in an interview. In addition, several energy companies have cases of default that have grown with the coronavirus pandemic and which may increase even more as the difficulty of payment is made.

Also according to the President, it has already been defined that the companies will not be able to suspend the distribution of energy to low-income consumers. income for the next 90 days. "We have consumer impacts and this has been acquitted by the companies. We are maintaining continuous dialogue with ministries to seek a solution. We hope that some initiatives, such as exemption for low-income consumers, are implemented because it is imposed on the for this category," he said.


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