Organic residues can generate energy

On Monday, October 29, the Brazil Rural program dialogued with the director of Cattalini Bio Energia, Sergio Vidoto, regarding the use of organic waste and sewage. He is one of the responsible for the implementation of this procedure in the country.

The production process is done through the sludge, which attached the organic matter is separated, crushed, treated and cleaned. With this, generating biogas, which has a high energy content, known as calorific power, which contains more concentrated energy, which is relevant to the gas, because it recovers the heat that would be wasted.

This measure, in addition to producing electricity, creates an output to reduce waste disposal and reuse as organic fertilizer. Follow the Panorama offshore portal and stay tuned to the issues of oil, gas, energy, biofuels, onshore and offshore. Remember: your business. Go to: and


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