Electric and solar energies in the national market

Electricity is the world's main source of energy. It is produced in hydroelectric, wind, solar, thermoelectric and nuclear power plants, among others. In the country, almost 90% of energy produced are from hydroelectric plants. The largest of these is the Itaipu plant, located on a stretch of the Paraná River, on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

In hydroelectric plants, the force of water and rivers is used to generate mechanical energy, which reaches the population in the form of electricity. Currently, Brazil has one of the largest hydraulic potentials on the planet.

Solar energy is a renewable source obtained by sunlight, used for the heating of water (thermal energy) or as a form of electricity, which is obtained by means of photovoltaic panels, which capture the luminosity and transforms it into an electrical or thermal source ( Solar heating).

Solar Energy has a highly profitable cost-benefit, besides being an important contributor to the preservation of the environment, unlike the electrical. Despite this, its initial investment value is high, however, the result comes in the long run. Currently, there are several types of financing, which grow according to market demand for technological innovation — especially in Brazil, one of the countries that invest most in this type of energy in the world.

However, adhesion in a solar source allows consumers greater independence to generate their own energy, in addition to cheaping the light bill, since it exempts them from the conditioning imposed by the high tariffs of the distributors. Considering that the tropical climate of the Brazilian territory is too sunny, investing in solar energy is an excellent business, both for the user and for the environment.

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